A Mild Case of June Gloom

Grand plans for a Bottega Louie coffee enjoyed with macarons devolved into a quick grab at the kitty corner Coffee Bean.  But we laughed and got caffeinated, as we always do.

Paloma says...

My outfit is pretty basic today, which feels about right for a Monday.  Sometimes it's nice to just throw on some black slacks and a work-appropriate top and call it a day.  However, since I do participate in this here fashion blog, I had to at least wear my fabulous faux Valentinos to make it mildly interesting.

I actually have to do some witness interviews tonight from 9:30 pm til about 11:00 pm (they work the night shift), so will be mixing up my work attire by switching out the slacks for jeans and adding a blazer.  Something about wearing a full-blown suit to interview witnesses working an overnight shift at a grocery store feels wrong.

I am wearing...

LOFT tiered tank
Gap Modern Boot slacks in black
Forever 21 necklace
Sole Society (similar)

Karen says...

As much as LA is lauded for its weather, even the predictability of its mild climes can be a bit of a downer, in my opinion.  So we expect June gloom.  And every day, it's 73-63.  And every day, it's that marine layer bullshit until about 1:00 pm, when the sun does this dull glow thing for a few hours.  

Don't get me wrong!  Of course, you can wear whatever you want in the weather, the options are endless.  But it's not quite cold, not quite warm.  And so I wear a basic dress but need to wear a light jacket (which I did), but then end up taking it off (which I did), and then never feel quite the right temperature (which I don't).

Anyway, love this punchy new dress that Cyn gave me.  She and I are the same size - shoes and body - except homegirl is 5'8"!  So I am the beneficiary often of her shorter dresses.  And she, on occasion, the beneficiary of heels I have that pinch too much.  This is not a dress that I would have picked out myself, but when I put it on, it was a perfect fit.

I am wearing...

Cherry Fantasy dress
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heeled Pumps in nude

Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses
Banana Republic large leather tote

Today in LA: Hi 73 Lo 63