Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Working Reruns

Long weekend hangover!  Afternoon coffee break at Caffe Primo for a return-to-work pick-me-up...

Paloma says...

So not feeling it today.  I literally had zero interest in putting together a cute outfit, which is rare for me.  Usually, picking out my outfit is like the highlight of my morning, but today it felt like an irritating task.  I think it has to do with coming off a long, luxurious weekend filled with fun and family time.  I was almost resentful of my work wardrobe this morning and longed to put on a comfy t-shirt and jeans.  Anyway, that's how I wound up in this boring, safe comfortable combination.  Which - as I just realized while typing it out below - is entirely purchased from Target.  Wah wah wah...

I am wearing...

Liz Lang Maternity tank (just comfy!)
Mossimo x Target cardigan
Merona x Target black pencil skirt
Nine West Rocha pumps in brown

Urban Outfitters skinny brown belt

Karen says...

I actually resented the blog today because it meant that I could not, in good conscience, just wear crap to work and hide behind my desk until it was all over with.  Listen to how fatalistic a return to work can get after a long weekend.  Well, you know it's true.

We know we have good days on here, which delight us - but on the whole we're not haute couture fashion bloggers or anything.  This is primarily our little project to see what happens if we catalog what we wear daily to our lovely law jobs.  One great corollary of this is the challenge to wear something different every single day, by mixing and matching, being resourceful, and trying to create new looks in a profession where style is rather predictable (or goes to die).  I grudgingly admit that I keep this in mind every morning now, and am grateful for it. 

This morning, however, it was just a pain in the ass.  I couldn't find my primary go-to black skirt, so I just grabbed the same Forever 21 piece of crap that I wore last week.  Now, listen, I like this skirt, but I'm already annoyed that it's quickly gone to the top of the rotation for its sheer practicality and comfort.  One just feels so much less luxurious when they're constantly grabbing their Forever 21 basics, and I like to delude myself as much as I can.

Other than that, needed to replenish the closet with a pair of nude heels, and The Limited had a sale, so... these definitely get the job done, and is stone cold proof of Paloma's influence over me.

I am wearing...

Club Monaco asymmetrical tank in eggplant
Patterson J. Kincaid blouse with lace sleeves
Forever 21 black ribbed pencil skirt
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heel Pumps in nude (40% off)

M. Rocks pendant
The Limited Double Strand Curve Necklace
Mulberry Bayswater Satchel (back in the mix!)

Little note - I had to replace my other Sole Society pumps because they were killing me.  You know I love Sole Society, but... anyway, these Limited ones have not yet presented the same issue.  Of course I'd take some L.K. Bennetts or Louboutins over The Limited, but you can't get those for $40.

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