Secret Glimpses

A closer look into our respective environments...

Karen says...

Well, it certainly isn't my fault that my deposition in Woodland Hills ended early and it made more sense to go back to the Westside.  Once that happened, I changed into casual clothes faster than an online buyout of a Target capsule collection.  So, sorry for this photo, where I kind of look like a jerk, but hey, here's to me being able to finally drop off my dry cleaning!

And this is a glimpse into the "courtyard" of my apartment complex.  Keep in mind, across the street (and more diagonal, really) to this building, one Heisman trophy winner allegedly murdered his ex-wife and rumored boyfriend back in the 90's...

I am wearing...

Tennessee Wyatt "Tennesee State Line" t-shirt
Current/Elliot boyfriend shorts
Lucky Brand ankle boots

Dita sunglasses
Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli

Paloma says...

This, my friends, is my "I hate this motion and really wish I were done writing it" face.  Pretty, isn't it?

Also, a glimpse into my new office with its fancy bookshelves, that I love.  This photo, unfortunately, doesn't fully capture the mayhem going on at my desk.

Anyway, I am just proud that I was able to eek out a picture today - but I definitely don't have much to say about it.  Except that tomorrow is my husband's graduation and I will (joyously) not be in the office, hallelujah!

I am wearing...

Old Navy coral blouse
J.Crew Tippi cardigan in black
GAP Modern Flare pants in charcoal grey
Jessica Simpson Calie pumps in black patent 
(these were the ones that almost killed me with pain the last time I wore them, but they are actually better now, thank God)