Ode to Forever 21

Seriously, is there a memo circulating between us that neither of us know about?  Both rocking the Forever 21 today!

Paloma says...

Forever 21 for the win!  Another day, another surprisingly classy purchase from the retailer who is usually associated with neon tank tops, slightly skanky dresses, short shorts, and sheer graphic tees.  This blouse is awesome and might be the best $17.80 I have ever spent.  It's surprisingly well-made with cute little gold buttons on the cuffs and on the keyhole opening in the back.  Love.  (Good thing this pic doesn't capture the curry I splashed on it while gobbling down lunch at my desk.)  Oh, and this pendant necklace is actually way cute too, and surprisingly sturdy for something that cost less than $5.

My mother would be so disappointed to hear me wax poetic about my love of cheap fashion ("Honey, you really should spend a little bit more money and invest in quality pieces!"), but when you love clothes more than your budget allows, and when you have two adorable but crazy messy kiddos who ruin every item of clothing with their jam/banana/chocolate/you name it smeared hands, cheap clothes are truly the way to go.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 Essential Triple Pleated Top in white
J.Crew tweed pencil skirt
Nine West Rocha pumps in brown crocodile

Karen says...

I have the mother of all ghetto fashion stories.  Last summer, I was in Fresno a number of times for depositions.  These were grueling, one-day-but-all-day affairs where I'd get on one of those puddle jumper planes at the crack of dawn, and be back at LAX well past nightfall.  On one of those visits, the 112-degree heat was finally too much to bear and when my deposition concluded, I headed straight to the one and only mall for air conditioning and sweet retail release.  There were hours to kill between flights anyway - and it was that, or the Costco.  I swiftly found this Forever 21 dress to replace the suit I was sweltering in.

Let's be honest, how many times has Forever 21 come to the rescue?  One time I was shivering at The Grove, and $33.80 later, I was warmly swathed in a black moto jacket.

This dress basically screams my spring look: Peter Pan collar, black and white, polka dots, cardigan.  Here's to my favorite trends all wrapped up in one dress.

This photo was snapped in that strange, non-ventilated space we call our office cafeteria.  Good ol' Steve on hand as photography contributor.  You've seen it before, but this firm is ever so partial to orange walls.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 Peter Pan collar black and white polka dot dress
Martin + Osa long cashmere cardigan in red
Banana Republic faux croc-embossed penny loafer pumps in tan