Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Call For May

We're inching closer and closer to full summer wardrobe, and what better way to start than with casual Fridays?

Karen says...

It's so hard to say goodbye to May.  It's my birthday month, so every year it's filled with fun events and the love of friends and family.  I started out the month with a week in New York, and so saying bye to the month feels a bit like leaving those good times in the last chapter.

It also means the official transition to summer clothes.  We've been feeling 80-degree heat for a couple of weeks now, it seems ridiculous most mornings to consider any more sweaters or dark slacks.  Every morning now, I want to put on a pretty frock. Today, I resurrected a Silver Lake favorite.

Forgive the lackluster backdrop - I had to drag Steve around a few spots on the floor to snap a decent photo, and ultimately all we got was this boring thing here in the corner of his office.  Thus, his ties.  He was super busy today, so what a trooper.

I am wearing...

Motel sundress from Bobbi (now Myrtle) in Silver Lake
H&M sheer blouse in cream
Topshop black platform sandals

M. Rocks pendant
The Limited Double Strand Curve Necklace (now 50% off)

Paloma says...

The good news is that I really like my outfit today!  The bad news is, this pathetic selfie does not adequately capture it.  Hate when we aren't able to meet up for a photo sesh.  Bummer!

In one of my recent "pinning" binges on Pinterest (aka a "Pinge" - ha!), I saw a combo of blazer, t-shirt, and a statement necklace. So this morning, that was exactly what I set out to create.  I love that if you took away the heels, blazer and necklace, this would be a loafing around weekend outfit.  But add those three things and it's pretty much the perfect casual Friday work ensemble.

A few other notes:
(1) this necklace is not actually a "statement" necklace in my book, but was the only one I felt like wearing today for some reason
(2) this pic was actually an outtake - these shoes I love but the heel straps do. not. stay. put.  I was trying to fix them for the pic, and got caught in the act
(3) I really need a better set-up for selfies; my desk is a terrible background but is the best lighting in my office (which is sadly lacking in the natural light)
(4) I recently purchased about 4656 cheap t-shirts and tanks from (where else?) Forever 21 for a total of like, $17 and I am really excited to sport them this weekend
I am wearing...

LOFT 3/4 sleeve blazer (similar)
Anthropologie t-shirt (similar)
Sole Society Reanna pumps

Forever 21 necklace (similar)

That is all.  Happy Friday! 

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