Field Trip

Both venturing off the beaten path today...

Paloma says...

Today was my husband's graduation from film school -  it was a fun day but also (as graduation days tend to be) a clusterfuck. This pic was snapped as my daughters and I waited outside of Shrine Auditorium waiting for graduation to end (3.5-year-olds and 10-month-olds have a very low tolerance for long speeches and ceremonies - shocking, I know).  There were also about 1,678,097 people graduating from USC so it was a wee bit crowded on campus.

All that said - I am so damn proud of my husband I can hardly stand it.  And I also think it's pretty awesome that our girls got to see his graduation and hug him when it was over. 

As for my outfit - I opted for pure comfort (by the way, there were so many 22-year-olds traipsing around USC in the most crazy shoes, and I kept thinking how damn uncomfortable they must be... but shoe-watching was huge part of my day).  I bought this dress for a friend's (HI MAGGIE!) upcoming wedding but it was just too cute not to bust out sooner.  It's perfectly casual (her wedding will be casual) and comfortable and cute.  The best combo.

I am wearing...

Old Navy dress
The Limited cardigan
Target sandals
Forever 21 necklace

Emilia (big girl) and Vera (little girl) are wearing...

Osh Kosh B'gosh dresses
Target cardigans
Old Navy shoes (Emi) and Gap shoes (Vera)

Karen says...

After taking a two and half hour conference call, I was pretty ready for an alfresco lunch with one of my closest friends.  Decided to haul him to Maccheroni Republic, located in a less visited part of downtown, but conveniently one stop away by Metro.  

And so, the Los Angeles Metro exists!  (Off the record, the Metro is free with ever unlocking turnstiles.)

What else to say, but that I love casual Fridays, and can't wait to see what beautiful outfit Paloma is wearing today to fete her husband's film school graduation!

I am wearing...

GAP Dolman 3/4-sleeve navy and white striped v-neck sweater
Current/Elliott charcoal skinny pants
Topshop black strappy platform sandals

Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli

I love this clutch.  I'm all matchy-matchy!