Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faking It

The most randomly snapped shots today!  Just keeping it moving...

Karen says...

I didn't get a Sprinkles cupcake, so there's no real reason to be standing here.  It just happened to be on the way back from a fast lunch at Indus.  But there is some thread of reality here, I am sipping this Starbucks as I compose this.

We're on the threshold of June Gloom, and it's starting to show in the way we approach our work outfits.  I think my creativity is being stunted with Paloma not nearby as inspiration.  This morning, I struggled mightily with what to wear, then just threw on a few things I hadn't worn in a while.  It's actually a very nice blouse and this combination doesn't quite show it off.  It's Wednesday and it's the end of May... I will get past this hump!

I am wearing...

Rachel Comey black silk blouse
Aqua (Bloomingdale's) striped 3/4-sleeve blazer
Forever 21 pleated skirt
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heel pumps in nude

Paloma says...

This picture is a lie.  I did not wear the amazing faux Valentino heels.  Well, I did, but only for the first three hours of the day, and then long enough to take this pic.  In the middle of the day, I switched into flats so I could walk down the hill to Baco Mercat, where I treated my sister to a (way belated) birthday lunch. It was a pretty decent walk (1.4 miles round trip), but so worth it!  Both for the company of my sister, and for the delish lunch. That place is bonkers good.

As for my clothes, this was another half-assed outfit, borne from a very hustle bustle running late kind of morning that didn't afford me enough time to think about it.  I actually snagged these shoes because I thought "hey at least if my clothes are boring, I will wear cool shoes!"  So the fact that I ditched the shoes less than halfway through my day for boring brown flats is really just sad.

I am wearing..

The Limited short-sleeve sweater
Banana Republic gray pencil skirt
Sole Society Margie stud pumps in black


  1. Okay, so both of you are being very hard on yourselves today. Which is a shame considering you both actually look great!
    Karen, I love the white blazer and is that skirt dip-dyed? Who knows if I am reading the color correctly, but I like that you are wearing black, white and brown. An analogous color scheme. My personal favorite.

    Pomby, I like the simplicity of your outfit! The saffron (?) colored short sleeved sweater is a great color on you. I love the Mexican clubbing shoes and I think your high pony gives the outfit spunk.

    If there is one area where you are both waning today, I think it is in accessories! You both need some heavy gold bracelets and or necklaces.

    1. Drewdle! You should start a NTTF companion blog where you re-do our outfits! You could photoshop fierce accessories onto us. ha! no, but you are so right that my outfit was lacking accessories. I actually was running so behind that I went to grab accessories and decided it would take too long to pick them out, so stuck with boring faux diamond studs.

      I need this - or this -

  2. Drew, you are so Nicole Richie/House of Harlow! I get what you're going for and I will definitely keep that in mind. I am just terrible with accessories because I tend to yank them off as any Taurus would. But maybe just for the photo...

    xo! Karen