Black Cardigan Thursdays

Black cardigans and skater skirts are the order of the day...

Paloma says...

In spite of not meeting up with Karen, I actually got a good pic today!  Actually asked my amazing and talented hubby to snap this pic during a quick stop at home on my lunch break.  I always think that I should ask him to take my picture in the morning before I head off to work, so I am not stuck with awful poorly-lit selfies from my office, but mornings with two small kiddos are chaotic as hell,  so I think asking him to take a pic in the midst of that might be cruel and unusual.  (Have I already had this random musing on the blog? I am starting to run out of material!)

Anyhow, wearing bright pink and yet another Forever 21 purchase, this time from their supposedly more mature line, Love 21.  If it's more mature, I would think it would be called Forever 32 or something more literal.  Speaking of which, this song has been stuck in my head for months and I love it (you have to watch T. Swift's version, "22," first to get the full effect).

Wow, tangential today.  But understandably so.  Tomorrow is not only a Friday, but it's also a Friday before a three-day weekend, and I am filing this damn motion which means I will be feeling free as a bird with no work worries all glorious weekend long!  Fantastic.

I am wearing...

GAP slouchy pink t-shirt
Express cardigan
Forever 21/Love 21 skirt

Urban Outfitters belt
Enzo Angiolini black pumps

Karen says...

Steve is my one co-worker pal left, after Jamie and Paloma moved on.  There's something kind of odd to that because we used to work together at a different firm.  We miss Jamie and Paloma - our fun little crew - and I admit that, though familiar, it gets kind of lonely only having each other to bounce dumb jokes off of during the work day.

Today was one of those days when he was really excited about something but only had sarcastic, mean-spirited me to vibe off of.  He bought a new mini-fridge which he hoped would look very retro chic in his new, larger office.  The fridge attempts to have 50's-era styling with retro handles and some chintzy sticker in a vintage font.  There's really nothing wrong with the fridge, but it wasn't what he hoped it would be, and I spent a few minutes in his office trying to convince him that this fridge was really great.  I then promptly made him snap this shot.  I appreciate his patience, but I'd appreciate him more if he could take a steady, non-blurry shot.  OK, just kidding.  Also, props to him for having all his books lined up so nicely.

Other than that, just a basic work outfit today!  Comfortable and nondescript.

I am wearing...

Nanushka beige layered polka dot racerback tank
Division E black wrap cardigan
S.Y.L.K. black pleated skater skirt
Classiques Entier (Nordstrom) nude sandals