Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday Finest

Looks like our groove is a quick coffee at G&B at the Grand Central Market.  Starting Monday with some heavily caffeinated five-dollar coffee is 1000% the way to go!

And today's in-between-meeting brekkie was sponsored by Paloma.  Thank you, Palomita!

Paloma says...

I literally threw this scarf on as I walked out the door just because it felt chilly, without any thought as to whether it worked with my outfit.  So it was a pleasant discovery that it actually paired quite nicely with my olive sweater.

Tank: Gap
Cardi: LOFT (alternative)
Skirt: LOFT (alternative)
Scarf: no idea? (alternative)

Karen says...

I was dreading this Monday more than most because I have the deadly court plus depo combo, enough to drain anyone for the rest of the week.  But court ended a tad early, so I was able to meet with Paloma for a fast coffee and photo.  On this morning, my almond macadamia cappuccino was twice as sweet with her stylish company.

The skirt is the same as the one from Thursday (guilty!).  I was lazy this morning.  But thrown together with a nicely fitted Theory jacket and a loose and comfy PJK top, you'd never know... (except that I just told you).

Blouse: Patterson J. Kincaid (similar)
Jacket: Theory 
Shoes: Zara (but how awesome are these!)
Skirt: S.Y.L.K. (longer is nice, too!)

Friday, April 22, 2016

GCM Yes!

We got together today - it's a miracle! We wish it could happen more often, but alas, work and geography are working against us and it's surprisingly hard to find the time to meet up. We will take it when we can get it!  Met up for a quick bite and coffee with some of Karen's co-workers at Grand Central Market; a perfect weekday lunch hour in DTLA.

Karen says...

This outfit was more for the cut than the drab color, sort of boxy flowy tee and a short flowy flared skirt.  Just wanted to be clean and simple today for work and after work appointments.  And loving my new Warby Parkers.

Top: Massimo Dutti (would love this Everlane one)
Skirt: S.Y.L.K. (pre-owned rag & bone)
Boots: Zara (still want rag & bone ones)
Sunglasses: Warby Parker (these are navy like mine)
Clutch: Clare V. 

Paloma says...

I walked a good half mile in the blazing hot sun to meet Karen and her current/my former co-workers for lunch and boy oh boy was I regretting wearing this wool sweater.  In any event, at least it looks cute!

Sweater: J.Crew
Skirt: LOFT (similar)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (really cute block-heel alternative)
Bag: Madewell

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Further Proof

Posting Tuesday's outfit on Wednesday. Oh well, at least it made it to Instagram in time.
Anyway, as further proof of my current LOFT obsession, this outfit is almost all LOFT, save the lovely Target shoes.
Skirt: LOFT
Sweater: LOFT (similar)
Shoes: Target

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Proclaiming my love

When I first started working as a lawyer, I thought Ann Taylor and LOFT were where older ladies who liked a more modest and matronly look shopped. And I would never have believed that I would one day proclaim: "I never need to shop anywhere else because OMG everything they carry is so damn adorable and I want it all and they have the best sales and everything first like a dream!"  But today is, in fact, that day. Who knew?

Cardigan: LOFT
Tank: LOFT (alternative)
Skirt: The Limited (alternative one and two - both of which I own)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Formula

I'm a pretty damn boring Casual Friday gal. It's always just jeans + blouse or camisole + cardigan + heels. I did just buy a work-appropriate denim skirt (here) from LOFT (a.k.a. where apparently all my skirts now come from), so I might have to bust out of my rut with that next Friday. We shall see.

In other news, this Banana Republic blouse was definitely one of my favorite purchases of the year. Although this is only the fourth time it's shown up on the blog, that's due to my lack of blogging as opposed to my lack of wearing.

Blouse: Banana Republic (alternative)
Cardigan: Loft (alternative)
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Target

I first sported the top in April 2015....

And then on another Casual Friday in October 2015....

And then just a few weeks later on a chilly day in November 2015....

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Navy, not Black

My shirt is navy, but it looks black.  That's all I've got to say.
Shirt: Target (very similar)
Skirt: Loft (not the same, but I love it)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Red Shoes Over The Years

Whaddya know? I'm wearing black and white, red and turquoise.  Also, I would like to announce that I think I could shop solely at LOFT for the rest of my life and be totally content. That place seriously can do no wrong.  Take for example, this adorbs sweater with pretty lace sleeves. They actually have a lot of great lace-accented tops at LOFT currently, and I kinda want them all.  I also have this one, and I want this one, this one, and this one.
Sweater: LOFT
Skirt: LOFT (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar)

Red shoes. In my opinion, a staple for any woman's closet. And as regular readers know, I wear red pumps almost more than I wear black ones.  Let's take a gander at a few ways I've worn them in days of yore.....(in putting this together, of course, it has come to my attention that I pretty much always style red shoes exactly the same way - with some combo of black/white/gray)

In January 2013, back in our first month of blogging, I wore my beloved Urban Outfitters red heels with a VERY yellow shirt...that was the beginning of my color-crazy phase...and this is also a very unflattering picture of me... but I digress.
Then in April 2013, I sported my usual black and white combo with some new red pumps from Sole Society. I loved the look of those but holy moly were they uncomfortable.

In January 2014, I sported my still-beloved Sole Society block heel red pumps with (of course) black and gray (and a grouchy face)...

Oh look! Again with black, white, and gray a few months later....
And yet AGAIN a month after that....
And AGAIN in July that year..
Oh, thank goodness, I finally mixed it up in August 2014....
With brown and gray in November 2014....

And then back to gray, black and white in April 2015...

And then my new Ann Taylor red pumps with the exact same skirt as today just a few weeks ago...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Yo! Happy Tuesday. I slept about three hours last night because insomnia is a beast. Anyway, hoped this oh-so-bright skirt would put a pep in my step but alas I am just as zonked as ever. Thank goodness for coffee.

Tank:  Gap (similar)
Cardigan: J.Crew (alternative)
Skirt: Loft

Monday, April 11, 2016

Black Cardigan Love

Not much to say today other than here I am in my new tweed skirt (love) and a black cardigan, which you can see styled about a zillion other ways below.
Cardigan: J.Crew
Shirt: The Limited
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Charles David

OK, so there are seemingly endless ways that I have worn this closet workhorse black cardigan, but I could not include them all so I just picked the ones I liked best....

 March 2013.....
July 2013.....

And also December 2014....

Very Blue

A co-worker noted the other day, "You really like blue, huh?"  It seems outfit after every outfit is a collection of blues.  I'm glad she pointed it out because it is apparently my subconscious that constantly goes for blue.  And it's fitting this week, anyway, because I'm blue from an absolutely amazing week in Germany.

I posted a few IG pics of my week in Germany mit Freund und Familie, and boy was it fun just wearing black leggings and Adidas Superstar kicks all week.  The rainy, romantic weather also made it fitting to wear a chunky car coat or else a fitted motorcycle hoodie, so it was really casual wear heaven for me.  

But... it's back to work, and workwear.  Many shades of blue here, what I like to think of as a navy + cerulean combo!

Top: J.Crew (love this)
Sweater: Banana Republic (color like this)
Skirt: Loft (similar)
Shoes: Frau (what a Louboutin steal!)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Beyond Basic

Happy Friday, y'all! I am keeping it beyond basic today, with a black cami, gray cardigan, and jeans. But, as usual, I have a pop of red and a pop of turquoise.. so predictable.

Camisole: Loft
Cardigan: Old Navy (alternative)
Jeans: Gap (similar)
Shoes: Ann Taylor

Now, I own a few gray cardigans (can think of SEVEN off the top of my head -- oy)...and this is not one I wear all that often. But I scrounged up a few ensembles with it nonetheless....

Here it is with ruffles and camel (and, oh look, a pop of turquoise in the earrings) in November 2014....

And in March of that year - again with ruffles and a pencil skirt, but this time with those blue suede shoes...

And in August 2013 with jeans again....and a horrific photo.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blush + Stripes

Gotta keep it short and sweet today, folks. Wearing my fave pencil skirt and this brand new cardigan, which is the most lovely color. Also, apologies for the semi-blurry pic (and I promise I will move that red book off the corner of my desk one day...eesh).

This blog ain't about fancy pics, that's for sure.
Cardigan: Loft
Tank: Target (alternative)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (alternative)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Black n' Tweed

I've professed my love for the "Portofino" shirt from Express before. It really is a great blouse - perfect weight, doesn't wrinkle easily, roll-tab sleeves, and comes in a zillion colors (though I somehow only own black and white).  And, as evidenced below, it can be worn oh so many ways (there were way more outfits with this top, but I couldn't include them all).

Today, kept it simple with this great tweed skirt (it has some sparkle which is not visible here), and - of course - my beloved Target shoes.

Top: Express
Skirt: Loft (alternative)
Shoes: Target

OK now lets look back, shall we.....

First wore this blouse in December 2013, when I lawyer'ed it up with a gray suit.
I next sported it in February 2014 with red and gray....
And then in April 2014 with cuffed jeans and my beloved leopard wedges (R.I.P.).
A few months later, with camel and blue suede shoes (love those shoes, but have worn them about three times ever).....
And then in February 2015 with a black and white skirt (which I discovered at that time I had way too many of)...

And finally, in May of last year, I wore it with all black, camel, and a pop of red for a birthday lunch with my beloved Karen....

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Excuse my fake-as-hell smile; I was irritated because my pictures kept coming out blurry and this was my umpteenth attempt so I was a bit over it.

Wearing my oh-so-bright pink sweater today, which I have styled quite a few different ways, surprisingly. Today was pretty basic with neutrals and - of course - a bit of turquoise.
Sweater: J.Crew
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Ann Taylor (alternative)
Necklace: Forever 21 (alternative)

And here is how I styled it way back in 2012, in our second post ever - with red! Love the combo of pink + red and at that time colored jeans were certainly having a moment, if I recall. And look - gray suede shoes like today.

And here I am a few months later, wearing it in a very professional way, with a collared shirt underneath. And paired with black, as today.  I remember I was getting over a major cold when we took this. Also, those wedges I was wearing were so damn uncomfortable.... ha.

And in August 2013 (why was I wearing a wool sweater in August? Eegad), I paired it with peep toes, flare jeans, and - whaddya know - the same turquoise necklace I am sporting today.
With pants again in November of that year, this time of the slacks variety.....
And finally, with red yet again (and another pop of turquoise in the earrings) a year later....