Friday, June 28, 2013

Filter Fridays

How we miss each other so!  Not just the great girl gab and fabulous company, but the perfect photographer to snap your outfit.  But, it's another busy Friday apart.  Time for some fun with filters.

Top: Old Navy / Skirt: The Limited / Strappy Pumps: Banana Republic
Filter: Vintique Old Times

Paloma says...

Dressed up today since we had a big deposition in one of my cases and the client was in the office. Oh, how I wish I were wearing jeans instead!

Boring black pencil skirt and top today. I've really been boring this week! At least I got lots of compliments on my beloved shoes. I promise to put a bit more effort into it next week...

Dress: xhilaration x Target / Platform wedges: DV by Dolce Vita 
Straw clutch: vintage / Sunglasses: vintage Christian Dior
Filter: Instagram Valencia

Karen says...

Today was our firm picnic, held in our... parking lot.  But it had plenty of quirky carnival touches, and everybody got in the mood.  Sun and maxi dresses were out in full effect, and once again I rocked the Target.  If ever I had a uniform, it's this: cotton sundress and platform wedges.  What else would you expect of a petite California girl?

Faux pearl and rhinestone bracelet: Target
Filter: IncrediBooth Incredible Cowboy Booth Johnny S

I also remain obsessed with this bracelet: three days in a row and counting!  Giving you plenty of top-lit white-light office chic here, folks.

Today in LA: Hi 84 (what, really?) Lo 66 Humidity 53%

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Target Habit Kind of Thing

When Target is on the next block, and you've been trying to create different outfits for 123 days straight (actual figure), it's no surprise we are wearing something tar-zhay almost daily.

White blazer: Zara / Blouse: ASTR / Tube skirt: Bebe / Strappy sandals: kate spade
Karen says...

This is a wall space by our awesome (cough) office cafeteria.  Two employees were idly watching CNN in there, so my semi-willing co-worker had to snap it fast.  I need to talk to him about learning to hold a camera phone still.

We're starting a heat wave around here, but I kept the jacket on for most of the day.  Damn over-air-conditioned offices.

Oh, and here is a $12.99 bracelet I scooped up from Target yesterday.  I adore it.

Faux pearl and rhinestone bracelet: Target

T-shirt: Target (similar) / Skirt: BCBG / Heels: Target / Necklace: Target
Paloma says...

Entirely unremarkable outfit today that I spent approximately 2.5 seconds putting together. I was in a rush this morning and not in the mood for creating a carefully curated blog-worthy ensemble. Sorry, beloved internets.

This skirt is comfy, this shirt is reliably work-ish, and I reach for these shoes every day and have to restrain myself from always wearing them. Oh, and this necklace was a super random purchase that I am very happy about. Damn I love that place.

Today in LA: Hi 90 Lo 66 Humidity 56% (pretty much perfect!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day Hodgepodge

Just some outfits to get through the week...

Paloma says...

This shirt is way blousier and way more neon than it looks online.  This is what happens when you do most of your shopping via internet (as becomes necessary when you work full time and have two small kiddos)...  you often end up with stuff that is not quite as you pictured it.  And, 9 times out of 10, you keep it anyway, because the hassle of returning it isn't worth it.  Sometimes though, the piece ends up cuter than you expected.  And sometimes what you initially thought you hated, you learn to love.

I would probably never ever have picked up this shirt if I had passed it on the rack.  But, I ordered it and now I own it, and though it's definitely bright and blousy, it's also lovely.  It is more well-suited to weekends, however, over a pair of skinny jeans or cut-offs.  Live 'n learn, people.  Live 'n learn.

Wow, that was just a lot of rambling, no?

I am wearing...

GAP Printed A-line pocket top in "tie dye"
GAP Modern Boot pants in black
GAP metallic leather belt
The Limited gray cardigan
Mossimo x Target Pearce patent pump

Forever 21 rhinestone cluster necklace

Karen says...

New do, new shoes.  Same shoes from Friday, but still new.  This is after the employment team meeting and then after the employment team happy hour, so pardon the look of drink in me.  The colors don't come out as much in the flash effect, but you know, I was all summery and stuff.

I am wearing...

French Connection nude tank
Barneys Co-Op cropped lace apricot cardigan
H&M black and white color block skirt
Julianne Hough for Sole Society Giselle in Clair Mint

Target pearl bracelet with rhinestone detail
Banana Republic leather tote (just a work bag these days, I guess)

I promise to look more polished tomorrow.  This was a good outfit, it just sucks at 7:00 pm on the street after a couple of glasses of wine.  Woot!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grand Plans

Yesterday's grand plans are today's reality!  Tea time today at Bottega Louie with coffee and macarons was a luxury indeed.

Karen says...

This is quickly becoming my favorite skirt that I should pretty much wear every day.  And almost do.  In fact, The Limited was having a killer online sale today where I almost bought the companion jacket to make it a proper black skirt suit.  Of course, I realized I have airfares to buy for summer travel, so we'll make this a whole suit in the fall.

These heels were last spring's splurge, but I never wore them much and I'm not sure why.  Maybe I never quite feel "at my best" in a low heel.  Need a little height on this shorty.

I am wearing...

Splendid Sleeveless Shirting Pocket Tunic Top 
The Limited Black Collection Angle Seam Pencil Skirt 
Sam Edelman Orly Slingback Pump (similar)

Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch in white pelli

Paloma says...

Once again wearing a wonderfully easy work outfit.  A comfortable dress with a nice print in a universally flattering color?  Yes, please.  I got this dress right after having my first daughter and remember worrying that I would never be able to fit into it.  Thank God that's not the case, because it's damn cute.

I am wearing...

Merona for Target dress (ca. 2010)
Enzo Angiolini pumps

Forever 21 necklace

Today in LA: Hi 73 Lo 64 Humidity 68%

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Mild Case of June Gloom

Grand plans for a Bottega Louie coffee enjoyed with macarons devolved into a quick grab at the kitty corner Coffee Bean.  But we laughed and got caffeinated, as we always do.

Paloma says...

My outfit is pretty basic today, which feels about right for a Monday.  Sometimes it's nice to just throw on some black slacks and a work-appropriate top and call it a day.  However, since I do participate in this here fashion blog, I had to at least wear my fabulous faux Valentinos to make it mildly interesting.

I actually have to do some witness interviews tonight from 9:30 pm til about 11:00 pm (they work the night shift), so will be mixing up my work attire by switching out the slacks for jeans and adding a blazer.  Something about wearing a full-blown suit to interview witnesses working an overnight shift at a grocery store feels wrong.

I am wearing...

LOFT tiered tank
Gap Modern Boot slacks in black
Forever 21 necklace
Sole Society (similar)

Karen says...

As much as LA is lauded for its weather, even the predictability of its mild climes can be a bit of a downer, in my opinion.  So we expect June gloom.  And every day, it's 73-63.  And every day, it's that marine layer bullshit until about 1:00 pm, when the sun does this dull glow thing for a few hours.  

Don't get me wrong!  Of course, you can wear whatever you want in the weather, the options are endless.  But it's not quite cold, not quite warm.  And so I wear a basic dress but need to wear a light jacket (which I did), but then end up taking it off (which I did), and then never feel quite the right temperature (which I don't).

Anyway, love this punchy new dress that Cyn gave me.  She and I are the same size - shoes and body - except homegirl is 5'8"!  So I am the beneficiary often of her shorter dresses.  And she, on occasion, the beneficiary of heels I have that pinch too much.  This is not a dress that I would have picked out myself, but when I put it on, it was a perfect fit.

I am wearing...

Cherry Fantasy dress
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heeled Pumps in nude

Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses
Banana Republic large leather tote

Today in LA: Hi 73 Lo 63

Friday, June 21, 2013

Woe Are We

What a perfect day for a photo, except when one is stuck in the world's worst deposition.

Karen says...

And that person is me.  Ahh, Fridays, carrying so much potential for an easy breezy work day, perhaps lunch with your co-blogger, a couple of self-serving shots of your bright Friday outfit.  So obviously none of this happened.

Instead, I was stuck in a windowless conference room for some seven hours trying to deconstruct the mind-bending testimony of a clearly malingering, definitely lying witness, and her even more depraved counsel.  Tough words, but hey, I'm not naming names.  Just another day in the salt mines.

This outfit had some great photographic potential, but at the end of the day in a deserted, unlit office - taken by my pal, our utilities guy Jim ("Paloma and I exchange pictures of our outfits!") - it leaves a little to be desired.  Should really be seen without the wrap shirt, but I had to keep it professional...

I am wearing...

Ella Moss tank
Division E wrap shirt
Bebe tube skirt
Julianne Hough for Sole Society Giselle in Clair Mint (new shoes, yay!)

Paloma says...

So bummed that Karen and I couldn't coordinate a photo session today, because I was very pleased with my outfit.  And then, despite numerous attempts, I just could not get a decent selfie.  So.  Here we are with me and my grumpy face.  Terrible, terrible.

Love this Forever 21 top, and psyched to bust out these heels after about two years of not wearing them - not much to say, other than that.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 floral top
LOFT flare jeans
H&M belt
BCBGirls strappy heels

Accessories (barely pictured):
Coral cluster earrings from The Oxford Trunk

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cooped Up

As the week winds to a close - hooray! - we have typically busy Thursdays that keep us indoors.

Paloma says...

I wore this exact outfit somewhat recently, but it didn't make it onto the blog since it was one of those too-busy-to-breathe-let-alone-blog days back in April.  Anyway, here it is.  Nothing remarkable.  In fact, this is totally one of those no-brainer, gotta-look-professional-without-thinking-about-it outfits.  This morning was chaotic as all hell so I reached for the things that I knew would look halfway pulled together, without much effort.  Ta-da!  Too bad the horrid quality of my selfie is ruining the look.

I am wearing...

The Limited blouse
LOFT pencil skirt
Nine West patent nude wedges

Delicate hoop earrings (bridesmaid gift from my sister)

Karen says...

Who says I don't live the high life, when I can pose in a tiny conference room with a massive crane in the background?  Once again, a semi-unwilling co-worker was coerced into taking this.

Today is my turn to wear the asymmetrical red skirt!  Seeing Paloma's picks for today, I find it amusing that I have more or less the same articles in my closet now... Limited, Loft, Nine West... the transformation of Single Asian Female is slowly becoming complete...

Other than that, am dressing for double duty today as I'm heading straight to the movies after work.  Thus, the back-baring tank hidden behind a white cardigan all day.  

I am wearing...

Banana Republic navy tank with crochet back detail
L'Agence asymmetrical pencil skirt
Penguin white cardigan with navy piping
Classiques Entier sandals in beige

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boogie Days

Trying to do lunch today with our ex-team was all kinds of hectic, everybody in a rush to get back to work, everybody running late already, everybody starving.  But we were conveniently close to the Standard, and what a beautiful building that is.  If only we were dressed a la Mad Men for the building or a la Boogie Nights for the furnishings, it would've been perfect.

Karen says...

A bit blurry, but not bad... you can't go wrong with an organ and bubble chandelier, can you.  I'm wearing the last of my sample sale Joie tops.  After this, I'm going to have to really rethink how to switch it up.  To our credit, though - we are well over 100 days now of wearing something different to work.  Every!  Damn! Day!  Woot!

Other than that, love the interior of the Standard Downtown.  Can't wait for the Ace to open.  Field trip!

I am wearing...

Joie pale pink silk short-sleeved top
Zara white blazer
GAP ultra skinny black pants
Sole Society Brooklyn pumps in blurred leopard

M. Rocks pendant
Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli

Paloma says...

Something about this outfit felt off to me... I think it's that it feels a bit too "party" and not so much "work.". The sparkly shirt and the faux wrap red skirt just feel a bit too festive for the office, for some reason.  Anyway, Karen insists that it's perfectly cute, so I am going to take her word for it.  I do love me a red pencil skirt, but somehow the wrap detail of this one makes me feel like it's harder to style?  I think I just need to mess around with different tops a bit.  I loved how I wore it back in February but wouldn't dare repeat!

I am wearing...

J.Crew embellished t-shirt
Tinsley Road skirt (via Piperlime)
Target Pearce patent pumps in nude

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Billowing Blouses

We were both ready to set sail today with our tops billowing in the wind.  Quite nice, actually, having a coffee break on a rooftop near Paloma's new office, a beautiful part of central downtown LA.

Paloma says...

I love outfits that are totally simple (grey slacks, cardigan, white blouse) but with a slight twist.  The "twist" here is that my shirt is loose and sort of "trapeze" style, rather than a traditional white blouse.  It's very cute and comfy on a warm summer day, but definitely made me look super preggo in half the pics.

 I am wearing...

The Limited cashmere/cotton cardigan
LOFT sleeveless blouse
Express 'Columnist' pant in herringbone
Calvin Klein 'Karissa' pump

Forever 21 green drop earrings

Karen says...

My sister lodged a lengthy complaint last night with Blogmaster Me about the quality and variety of photos.  More movement, she said, better filters.  The list went on and on.  I had to remind her that we stuff this into twenty minutes a day, max, by the grace of a coffee break and iPhone.  But overall, she (as Paloma's brother has been) is right, and we hold out for that day when we will have some sick camera, wardrobe sponsors, and like two hours a day to edit and post.

Until then, here's this: posing on an office building in my sample sale goodies and The Limited sale items!  Yeah!

I am wearing...

Joie silk top with blue and red heart pattern
The Limited Black Collection Angle Seam Pencil Skirt
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heel Pumps in nude

Burberry sunglasses
Michael Kors Darrington Leather Bracelet in Buff/Rose Gold

a little present today - thanks, Susan!

Today in LA: Hi 79 Lo 63

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Blues

June Gloom is a puzzling thing; mornings of 66 but back up to 83 in the afternoons.  Either way, we're dressed for it.  And - happy anniversary, Paloma and Joe!

Karen says...

I had myself a grand old time this weekend at the Joie/Current Elliott sample sale.  Not only did I get some skinny jeans to diet into (giving my life purpose again), but a couple of summery silk things that will take me through the working summer.  The skirt here is gossamer light but still work appropriate - for me, a total win.

I am wearing...

Club Monaco asymmetrical tank (a favorite for years)
Joie floral layered skirt
Enzo Angiolini blue suede pumps
Classiques Entier grey cardigan (not pictured)

Paloma says...

Celebrating eight years (!!!) of wedded bliss with my hubby today, which included a sushi lunch date at Sugarfish.  Best. Sushi. Ever. It's outta control good.  Anyway, being the supportive man that he is, he snapped this pic of me as we waited for a table. 

Decided to wear something super summery today, in celebration of my anniversary, summer, and finally feeling decent after a week-long cold.  This dress is one of those great pieces that can be worn 1,000 different ways for 1,000 different occasions; I really love it.  And these shoes are rapidly becoming my Summer 2013 favorites.  Good purchases this month!

I am wearing...

J.Crew cardigan
Urban Outfitters skinny belt
Banana Republic Paula T-Strap sandal

Today in LA: Hi 75 Lo 63 (saw 83 in the car!)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Unfiltered

Just couldn't be bothered yesterday!  There have only been a handful of days this year when we didn't post.  Paloma was recuperating from a cold, and Karen felt that whatever she had on did not justify yet another selfy.

But here we are, and we even got to get lunch together to catch up on some very important events.  Today we are #nofilter.

Paloma says...

Well, I am back at work today after two days laid out with a killer cold.  Although I am not operating at full throttle, that's for sure.  My voice sounds like a prepubescent boy, I have a cough that won't quit, and Kleenex is still my best friend.  However... I was able to pull it together enough to put on a halfway decent outfit.  So what if that outfit consists of jeans that are too big so they feel like pajamas and an oversized t-shirt?  Thank God for casual Friday.

Interestingly, this whole outfit came about when I decided I wanted to wear my orange cardigan from LOFT... and that's the one piece of the outfit that isn't pictured.  It was way too hot for another layer, so it's hiding in my purse (alongside a bag full of Target loot and a Starbucks coffee) just outside the frame of this shot. Glamorous!!

I am wearing...

Old Navy tee
Gap Long & Lean jeans
Banana Republic Paula T-Strap Sandal

H&M belt
Banana Republic double hoop earrings in silver

Karen says...

My first words to Paloma when we met up at (where else?) Target were, "I don't know what I'm wearing today."  And I truly don't.  I have started to give up, and made a vow to Paloma that next week we will do more by way of composed outfits and accessories.

That said, these pieces are some of my favorite items in my entire closet, things I love to wear, so why not just shove them all together?

I am wearing...

J.Crew v-neck t-shirt
J.Crew plaid flannel shirt
H&M skinny bootcut jeans
Manolo Blahnik pumps

H&M necklace
Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sick Day

... for Paloma, whose under the weatherness has put her out of commission for the day.

Karen says...

Lunch at Uncle John's today, a bizarre little greasy spoon-Chinese fast food joint annexed to the side of the Stillwell Hotel.  At Uncle John's, you can get American breakfast, but you can also have a comforting bowl of wonton soup, or in my case, a spicy fried pork chop.  Delicious, and with wonderful company laughing it up with my pal Pedram.

Not very visible here, but the shoes are my Sole Society Brooklyns.  I was pleased that my pants fell perfectly over a higher than usual heel.  It feels awful when your pants are a half inch too high.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 fuschia blouse
Beyond Vintage lace-sleeve cardigan
H&M grey slacks
Sole Society Brooklyn pumps in blurred leather

Ho hum today!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All Smiles

We're both feeling out of it today, so today's photo meet-up was a nice little treat.  After the photos were snapped we just stood on Wilshire gabbing, covering topics like our weekends to our clothes to the latest hashtags to, inevitably, reality television.  So much to say!  So little time.

Karen says...

This was the easiest outfit to throw on, this Urban Outfitters dress last seen in January paired with a recent Target sale purchase.  Couldn't quite decide on the shoes, but was running late so on went with my five-year-old Steve Madden t-strap Mary Janes.

If June Gloom is more than a weather phenomenon, then I'm feeling it.  I'm yawning as I go, so I'll just get to it.

I am wearing...

kimchi blue black and white peplum dress
Merona x Target tangerine and white polka dot cardigan
Steve Madden t-strap ruffled suede Mary Janes

Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli

Paloma says...

My dark outfit matches my dark mood today.  Not sure if it's age or what, but I seem to be coming unraveled a bit.  I injured my heel somehow this weekend (maybe frolicking around in uber-high wedges at my friend's wedding), and also seem to have some weird allergies or post nasal drip.  It could be that I was just in Santa Fe, which is sandwiched between two huge fires and the air is literally filled with smoke.  Either way, I ain't feeling right.  And I just kinda want a nap.  And I certainly don't feel like looking cute or working.

A regular ray of sunshine, aren't I?

I am wearing...

LOFT eggplant blouse
J.Crew Minnie skinny capris
Jessica Simpson leopard wedges

Black drop earrings from the Macy's clearance rack

Today in LA: Hi 77 Lo 63

Monday, June 10, 2013

Basic Boring Safe

Court, meetings, commuting, billing: a day for safe and boring basics.

Paloma says...

After a lightning-fast trip to New Mexico this weekend to attend the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Maggie (Hi, Mrs. Krajewski!), I am back in business this Monday morning, with a day full of witness meetings.  Too bad my weekend full of airplanes, drinking wine, and not sleeping enough has left me feeling like I'm coming down with a cold.  Grr.  Definitely not what I need today.  I am guzzling water like it's going out of style in hopes of avoiding a full-blown illness.

As for my outfit, it's classic lawyer garb.  This pic was taken around 3:00 p.m., when I made it home from my appointments and had my husband take a pic right before I changed into yoga pants to finish off my day's work at the dining room table.  For my morning meetings, I wore a black blazer, too. Basic, boring, and safe.  Which is about on point for a Monday.

I am wearing...

Merona x Target t-shirt
J.Crew tweed skirt
Enzo Angiolini pumps

Forever 21 necklace

Karen says...

Black and white and neutral!  Also off of a trip, I didn't think too hard about anything this morning, except getting up on time for court.  After fighting through that, the rest was just grabbing blacks from all around.  I've been waiting for this I.Madeline blouse to come back on my rotation (apparently, it's like my after weekend, "Business as Usual" blouse).  Turns out it's not that easy to pair with.  A pair of black slacks or any black skirt won't do, and cut and proportion are everything.  It will take some more playing around to see what else I can match it up with.

And then, on goes the standard black blazer for the ready-made court look.

These shots are styled by Steve.  He won't admit it, but he's getting good at this.

I am wearing...

I.Madeline Studded Collar Blouse (now at Nordstrom Rack, 65% off and in pink)
Forever 21 black ribbed pencil skirt
Banana Republic jacket
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heel pumps

Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli

Friday, June 7, 2013

All Signs Point Southwest

Karen says...

By sheer coincidence (again!) we were both headed southwest for the weekend.  Of course, one of us was able to get a picture... the other must have been traveling with two kids, or something.  But that's why we have #latergrams.

Here's the burden of being friends with me: you never know when you will be called upon to snap an achingly artistic photo of me in an open field.  I subjected my friend Paige to such an event upon almost immediate arrival in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Oh boy, those Denver skies.  The entire weekend was warm and scenic, perfect for bright sundresses.

I am wearing...

xhilaration x Target sundress
Vintage floral cardigan (clutched)
TOMS Sierra strappy wedges

Vintage straw woven clutch
Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses

And hopefully we'll be able to see what Paloma was wearing in New Mexico...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Animal Magnetism

Today's like-minded moment is sponsored by Bird's Eye Voila!, whose food truck of one-skillet pasta dishes was nearby and offering delicious samples.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that we had both worn some leopard-spotted somethings today.

Karen says...

The white peplum is back!  I intended it with a skirt this morning but learned that peplum is best worn with something fitted, not flared.  Enter these skinny pants.  This outfit is more in line with what I'm supposed to wear to work, rather than some of the risks I've been taking lately that border on nsfw.

In line with trying to step up my accessories game, here's another bright and bold necklace.  I know Paloma's brother wants us to do this, and so much more, but it's a start!

flying peplum moment

I am wearing...

Banana Republic Textured Peplum Top in white
Joe's Jeans charcoal skinny pants
Sole Society Brooklyn pumps in blurred leopard

The Limited Berry Cluster Necklace in yellow
Banana Republic leather tote
Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli

Paloma says...

When I last sported this skirt, it was uber-frumpy.  And I hated the look. But I love this skirt, so this outfit was my attempt to resurrect it as cute and chic.  Success!  A leopard pleated skirt may not be considered a closet staple by most, but to me it is as versatile as it gets!  The colors are neutral so any solid color will work with it, it is totally season-less (tights in the winter), and it can easily be dressed up or down (how cute with flat sandals and a slub white tee?).  And would you believe it's from Forever 21??  OK, OK, not all that surprising coming from me.

 tucked skinny belt greatness

I am wearing...

LOFT 3/4-sleeve blazer (similar)
Forever 21 leopard pleated skirt (similar)
Jones New York peep toe pumps (similar)

Oxford Trunk earrings (similar)

Today in LA: Hi 72 Lo 63

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It was a joyous reunion of Employment Team 2012 at Guild, a "new American bistro" on 7th.  We ate, we drank (water), we laughed, and waxed sentimental about working days past.

Paloma says...

Feeling summery today in pale florals and yellow!  I used to wear this blouse all the time, so was surprised to look back and realize that I haven't ever worn it on the blog (at least not that I can see).  Also have decided that I could wear these shoes every single day... and have come pretty close to doing just that lately.  I mean, they quite literally go with everything!  And it doesn't hurt that they are comfy as hell.

OK thats all I've got, folks.

I am wearing...

Old Navy floral blouse (similar)
The Limited yellow cardigan (similar)
BCBG skirt (sorta similar)
Target Pearce pumps in camel patent

Forever 21 faux turquoise pendant necklace (similar)

Karen says...

I got the stamp of approval from Employment Team 2012 on this new dress, another Limited find.  Very cheeky of me, but I just threw a jacket on over this and wore it to court in the morning.  This is not a court dress.

It is, however, a summery dress that will work both for work and for work after hours, which is my intention today.  Though not an opera gown of any sort, I do think this will double well for my trek uptown tonight to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for one of the final performances of Tosca.  Add the vintage jacket below, bring a delicate hanky, and I think I'm set.

It's not every day that you will wear one dress to the courthouse, the office, and the opera.  Triple duty!

I am wearing...

The Limited Outback Red shift dress
Vintage Badgley Mischka jacket
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heel Pumps in nude

Tory Burch cuff
Vintage straw woven clutch
Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prim and Proper

Our Starbucks runs have switched to Coffee Bean runs because of its perfect proximity between our two offices.  Having coffee and a laugh today on Wilshire and 7th.

Karen says...

I had the best of intentions for this outfit but it didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped.  For instance, there isn't anything too prim and proper about the short skirt.  But I like the flounce of it, and thought it looked nice with the collared shirt.  At least, that's what I thought on Sunday night when I was cobbling together outfits for the week... in a dimly lit room... anyway, I've been undercaffeinated for days, and it's starting to show.

Threw on the strand of pearls this morning while running out the door, and that's what adds a bit of prim back into the mix.

I am wearing...

Theory striped short-sleeved collared shirt
Final Touch skirt (from this Sawtelle gem, Rimo)
frenchi peach blazer
Classiques Entier peep-toe shoe boot pumps in nude

long strand of pearls
M. Rocks pendant
Clare Vivier foldover clutch in white pelli
Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses

Paloma says...

I actually have a blog-worthy story about my outfit for once... after what seems like weeks with nothing interesting to say.

The story is: I have owned this dress for over four years and this is the first time I have ever worn it. !!!!  How does this happen?  Well, my mom bought the dress for me at Anthropologie when I was in my first year as a lawyer ("Honey, you need a nice professional shift dress now that you are a professional woman.   Isn't this one cute? It's very Michelle Obama!").  Mere days after purchasing, I discovered I was pregnant.  Thus, I quickly gained weight and the dress stayed in the back of my closet. Fast forward two years - it was springtime again, I was no longer pregnant and had lost (most) of the baby weight.  Well. I hadn't lost enough weight to make this dress (which is a wee bit short) look good on me. Back to the back of the closet it went.  Wah wah.  Then I got pregnant again. Wah wah wah...

So here we are, four years and two babies later, my body has no more baby weight (though it's desperately in need of some toning!), and no more pregnancies.  And I am finally, finally, finally wearing my professional Michelle Obama dress.

The End.

I am wearing...

Tabitha dress from Anthropologie
J.Crew Tippi cardigan
Jessica Simpson Calie pumps in black patent

Gold hoops (bridesmaid gift)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pencil Skirt Parade

Nothing says "don't eff with me, fellas" more than the power pencil skirt, and that's exactly the attitude we need for this abysmally busy Monday.

Paloma says...

Unexpectedly busy this afternoon, so no time to say much except that  this outfit was too cute to be portrayed in a grainy selfie.  Methinks I need a better camera...

I am wearing...

GAP olive green drapey cardigan
J.Crew white pleated peplum top
The Limited high-waisted yellow pencil skirt
Target Pearce pumps

Freshwater pearl drop earrings from the Eagle Rock Farmers Market ca. 2011

Karen says...

I, meanwhile, had the luxury of a lunch companion today and subjected him to taking these self-indulgent photos over at Figat7th.  Doing my best Clara Bow here...

I cannot say enough about how much I love Cherry Pick Vintage.  This is the tucked away vintage boutique to end all vintage boutiques, and I'm starting to keep a good catalog of vintage and consignment shops all over Los Angeles.  My favorite Bonwit Teller clutch is from there, as well as the straw woven clutch here, both of which were under $30.  The big difference with Cherry Pick is not just the tasteful curating of lovely vintage items, but that their prices are pretty much perfect.  I have paid - over the protests of shopping buddies - pretty pennies on gently used couture, and felt that it was worth it, but this shop really gets it right.

Other than that, I'm learning so much from my co-blogger, including this great tip about The Limited.  Just solid work basics, also at a great price point.  Coupons and promotions galore.  Not everything there is good (like a Zara or J.Crew), but if you put in the time, a lady lawyer finds all that she needs.  (As well, if you can put up with the Glendale Galleria, which is a real toss-up for me.)

I am wearing...

Oversized white t-shirt from Bobbi (now Myrtle) in Silver Lake
The Limited Black Collection Angle Seam Pencil Skirt (says it's black, looks navy)
Vintage floral cardigan from Cherry Pick
The Limited Round-Toe High-Heel Pumps in nude

M. Rocks pendant
Double-strand pearl necklace from Santorini
Vintage woven straw clutch from Cherry Pick